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Industrial Lighting Services

Industrial Interior and Exterior Lighting Solutions

Manufacturing plants, distribution warehouses, storage buildings and similar facilities are designed for operation, output, and efficiency. Industrial light fixtures and industrial outdoor light will provide the safety and functionality to keep enterprises running smoothly and to cultivate an organised and productive environment.


LED Warehouse Lighting

K.S. Maude recommends industrial LED lighting as a flexible and cost-effective choice that uses far less energy than similar light sources while typically providing a higher level of luminosity. KS. Maude provides both state-of-the-art fixtures for new builds and retrofits for existing fixtures.


Kinetic Colour Lighting

For a space with a branded aesthetic, dynamic coloured lighting cultivates an engaging, immersive atmosphere for customers and visitors. K.S. Maude brings you architectural lighting systems for this kind of stimulating, heightened environment—guaranteed to leave an impact.


Track Lighting

For lobbies, warehouses, corporate settings, or retail spaces aiming to draw the eye to pieces and products on shelves or wall displays, track lighting gives you those museum accents that perfectly position the attention of your viewers. K.S. Maude will set you up with a system that subtly highlights the details and exhibits you want as the focus of your space.


Lighting Maintenance

Looking for an easy way to manage your lighting needs with routine inspections and upkeep? K.S. Maude is on hand to make repairs, monitor your circuitry, and keep you abreast of trends and advancements within the lighting industry as you keep your business on the cutting edge of new technology and aesthetics.


Energy Audits with Payback Analysis

Because K.S. Maude is fluent with virtually every major industrial and retail lighting system, we understand wattage and energy expenditure in-depth. If you’re thinking about implementing a simple yet effective cost-saving measures within your business—without losing the lighting levels your employees and customers are accustomed to—talk to us about your options. Lighting upgrades are a small change that can make a significant difference.

Commercial & Office Lighting Services

LED, Incandescent, CFL, Halogen Solutions

The world continues to recognise the energy-efficient benefits of LED lights—an environmentally-minded and cost-saving solution for homes and businesses across the world. Compact fluorescents serve as a similarly high-yield low-wattage option, while incandescent lighting tends to be the least energy-saving form of lighting and is gradually being phased out.


Direct and Indirect Lighting

Dynamic offices typically feature lighting choices that are both functional and aesthetic. Accent lights or uplighting plants or architectural features add dimensionality to your space, while thoughtfully selected direct lighting sets the tone and mood for anyone who walks through your doors. K.S. Maude can suggest a range of options and ideas.


Dimming & Lighting Control Systems

An on/off lighting system poses considerable limitations for modern businesses. Offices and spaces open to the public prefer the ability to alter and adjust the lighting to reflect the time of day, weather conditions, and the specific atmosphere they’re working to cultivate. Dimmers and control systems are worthwhile options that frequently save money and offer you more control over your space.


Retail Store Lighting

Even with the convenience of online shopping, the in-person appeal of traditional brick-and-mortar stores continues to lure consumers looking for a more tangible and immediate purchasing experience. Retail settings must prioritise a clean, intentional atmosphere with displays and lighting choices that reflect your brand and can showcase products and merchandise to their fullest.


Commercial Retrofit Lighting

The process of retrofit lighting, sometimes called relighting, involves upgrading current fixtures and bulbs with new options that produce less heat and cut down on your energy costs. This includes LED office lighting. K.S. Maude supplies and oversees retrofitting jobs for businesses of many sizes—scaling back the power consumption and ultimately saving them thousands of dollars in the long run.

Save Money with

BC Hydro 

Energy Management

Programs and Incentives

BC Hydro provides substantial incentives for commercial and industrial businesses who want to upgrade or install new energy-efficient lighting solutions.

We help you navigate the numerous programs BC Hydro offers and provide an energy savings and cost-benefit analysis of your current power usage. We’ll look at how much energy you will save by installing BC Hydro-approved fixtures, and how much you will receive as a rebate for doing the project.

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