About Us

KS Maude Electrical is an industrial and commercial electrical company located in North Vancouver, B.C. The company has been providing quality service to clients since 1957.  

Our Story

Providing Electrical Services Since 1957

Low Voltage Electrical Equipment
Breaker Panel and Switchgear

Mission Statement: To make environments safer and more efficient through optimization and integration.

Vision Statement: Never settle and rest on our laurels, by continually striving to be better than yesterday, this will enable KS Maude to continually differentiate itself and adapt to industry demands.

KS Maude strives for:
1. Prompt, professional, and customer oriented electrical and engineering services.
2. Continual support of its customer base.
3. Focus on prescriptive, preventative, and reactionary maintenance services.
4. Continue to be flexible and adapt, innovate, and create value.